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November 15, 2006

Why there are so few pictures in this blog

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Anyone who read my blog from last year (hosted on knows that in general I like posting lots of pictures.

Why so few pictures this time around?  Well, work place policy.

Boeing does not allow Cameras at work.  Secret documents and all that.  Mind you, we have laptops that are taken home every night and we are given USB memory keys, so I think that the fear is more from accidental information leaks than from anything else.  A company has to trust its employees (if it doesn’t, that is a separate article about corporate stupidity… Thankfully Boeing does), but that does not mean it is going to put faith in its employee’s ability to perfectly frame a photography shot!

September 6, 2006

Response to feedback

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I apologize about the MeeboMe widget, I have no control over it.  I realize that MeeboMe reconnecting every time you go to a different page is a bit retarded, but that is a limitation of current web technology.  Once websites are entirely AJAX (which will break a LOT of other functionality on the web!) then that will not be an issue…  Of course if that does happen, I hope that you are not too attached to your forward and back buttons!

Oddly enough, Frames would take care of the entire issue, but everybody decided that they hated frames, heh.  In terms of saving time and bandwidth, frames are actually a reasonably good thing, it is just that they were used incorrectly so often, that they got a bad reputation.

I will be posted some more Acne articles soon, most likely today.

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