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January 8, 2007

My Project: Status Update 3

Filed under: My Project — Devlin Bentley @ 11:44 am

Actual implementation has begun!  Going along quite well.  Having a design to work from is really helping me avoid stupid mistakes from the get go.
Items to Accomplish       /    Percent Complete

  • Choose Platform:  100% (Done)
  • Setup Platform: 100%
  • Choose libraries:  95% —
  • Integrate libraries into project: 65% — Most libraries are currently in use, one still needs to be integrated.
  • Program base algorithm:   65% — Methods are in place, and most of the program logic is there.
  • Choose test case:  45% — About half the test cases have been decided upon.
  • Program test case:  5% — Stubs in place to latch on to for performing tests.
  • Choose performance measurement tool: 15% — Additional research has been performed.
  • Integrate performance measurements:  0%

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