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June 3, 2007

For once, I want good integer subtyping!

Filed under: Java, Programming — Devlin Bentley @ 6:00 pm

I am using an integer ID in parts of my program, I want to ensure that the ID is an actual ID that I have returned.  In a strongly typed language that also has a well fleshed out subtyping system, this would be trivial!

subtype AlbumID is long

The benefit of course would be that I could keep track of my AlbumID types and not have to worry about anything else!

Now the proper Java way is to make a new class called AlbumID that has a single long field and…  bleck!  I just want compile time checking darnit, I don’t need anything instantiated.

May 8, 2007

Awesome use of issue tracker’s “attach file” feature

Filed under: Java, Programming — Devlin Bentley @ 2:27 pm

I have discovered an awesome use of the “attach file to issue” feature that most issue trackers support.

.swf repros of issues.

The open source <a href=””>CamStudio</a&gt; program comes with SWF Producer.  Nativly CamStudio generates .avi files, but hey, why stop there?  AVI files are a pain in the rear to get working cross platform*, so I convert them to .SWF, which is not only smaller (No clue as to why that is!) but work on all platforms.

Kind of sad that it took Macromedia (now Adobe) to unify cross platform video, but hey, whatever works!

The only issue I have run in to so far is file size limitations, the issue tracker being used over on only allows files up to 1Meg in size.  Luckily my Video-Kung-Fu is good enough that I can get most videos under that size, but I do not really expect other people on my team to be able to pull that off.

* Or even cross computer, who knows what codecs different team members have installed.

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