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September 6, 2006

Response to feedback

Filed under: Meta (this site), technology — Devlin Bentley @ 10:07 am

I apologize about the MeeboMe widget, I have no control over it.  I realize that MeeboMe reconnecting every time you go to a different page is a bit retarded, but that is a limitation of current web technology.  Once websites are entirely AJAX (which will break a LOT of other functionality on the web!) then that will not be an issue…  Of course if that does happen, I hope that you are not too attached to your forward and back buttons!

Oddly enough, Frames would take care of the entire issue, but everybody decided that they hated frames, heh.  In terms of saving time and bandwidth, frames are actually a reasonably good thing, it is just that they were used incorrectly so often, that they got a bad reputation.

I will be posted some more Acne articles soon, most likely today.


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  1. Yeah, I don’t use the Meebo widget for the same reason.

    I eventually ended up removing all external image loading (blog ranks, etc) for that reason… if their servers were getting hammered then it made my site look slow.

    Comment by engtech — September 27, 2006 @ 2:30 pm

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