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December 9, 2007

Dumb Plans Post 1: Trio Seattle

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One danger of looking around at condos is that one will inevitably lose their faith in humanity as they see stupid floor plan after stupid floor plan take up precious human living space.  Even scarier is the knowledge that someone will buy these units, not knowing any better, and have their quality of life decreased by living in a poorly designed space.

The first such example I will post is from Trio.  To be fair, Trio has a number of good floor plans, but the following is not one of them:


The first item that is noticeable about this 1×1 condo is the size of it: almost 870 sqft!  When I first saw this, I was sure it would have a den or office somewhere in the floor plan.  Unfortunately I was quite disappointed when I looked closer.  What could have easily been a luxury 1 bed 1 bath unit has instead turned into yet another waste of space in Seattle.  I admit that this floor plan might be perfect for someone with a large art collection they want to show off, but otherwise it seems to me that the huge entrance area is wasted.  I have to keep asking myself:  Who thought that a 1×1 condo needed a foyer?

As for fixing this mistake, I guess some portable walls could be put up to make something resembling a den.  For a buyer who doesn’t care, it is always an option to have their computer, bills, papers, and office supplies be the first thing to greet visitors stepping into to their home, but for anyone else, a properly secluded home office or den is appreciated.

I also cannot understand that laundry room.  How much dirty cloths can one or two people have?

Even sadder are the possibilities of what all that space could have been used for.  Instead of the entrance being taken up for sheer nothingness, the bathroom could have been extended and possibly had a full 5 piece bath set installed.  in the least, dual sinks or a large Jacuzzi style tub could have been put into place.  The bathroom could be also be shifted down a bit and the large walk in closet enlarged.  Making part of the laundry room into a nook is a potential use for it, but paying bills or writing blog entries is not going to be easy when sitting right next to a running washing machine or dryer.

Part of the units problems are due to lighting.  Because there is no way to get light to the back of the unit it is not feasible to place a second bedroom anywhere.  On the other hand a den or office does not require the same lighting that a bedroom does.

Trio Seattle

June 3, 2007

I just had an orthogonalization epiphany

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My Album class is now making a call to the AlbumManager class, because I cannot ensure that users of the library will always call the correct function from AlbumManager.

Now, remembering back, I realize I have seen the Java API do this before on occasion.

December 18, 2006

My Project: Status Update 2

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Outlined program in further depth, defined what structs are going to be needed, globals, that sort of thing.  Strange, only getting a 2% markup for what is a lot of work!

Items to Accomplish       /    Percent Complete

  • Choose Platform:  100% (Done)
  • Setup Platform: 90%
  • Choose libraries:  65% — Research started on second library, learning about options available
  • Integrate libraries into project: 0% — Need to finish choosing libraries first
  • Program base algorithm:   12% — Algorithm code outlined
  • Choose test case:  5% — Some thought has gone into it, but it needs more investigation
  • Program test case:  0%
  • Choose performance measurement tool: 2% — I have heard of some of these, but need to investigate them more
  • Integrate performance measurements:  0%

November 14, 2006

Treating Your Acne Part 5: Why moisturize?

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There is an increasing tendency for acne treatment regimes to include some form of moisturizer.  The reason for this is quite simple:  If your skin is dry, your body will start to produce more oil.

This is why, that no matter what topical treatment you are using, you should not ever over wash your face. Your skin will become irritated, and may eventually start pouring out oil at an insane rate. This is also why it is not good to wash your face right before you go to bed at 11pm and then again when you wake up at 5am! As a general rule (and this will vary per person), try to leave at least 10 hours between face washings. Even products with moisturizers may invoke a negative reaction from your skin if your skin keeps getting all of its oil stripped off by cleansers.

Remember:  your body naturally maintains itself.  When you get hot, your body sweats to cool you down, when you get cold, you body shakes to warm you up. When you get sick, your amazingly complex lymphatic system works around the clock to cure you. Cut yourself, your body jumps into action to clot the wound and start healing. This extends to even smaller items. Do a lot of hard work with your hands? Watch your skin get tougher as you develop calluses. Play guitar, and your finger tips will develop calluses as well. Well, no surprise here, if you keep drying your skin out with chemicals, your body works to produce more oil, to help keep your skin moisturized. This means that chemical treatments that just dry your skin out may work for a short period of time, but after awhile your body will adapt and start producing even more oil than normal, possibly making your Acne even worse.

November 8, 2006

Shaving without the irritation: Corn Starch

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Here is an excellent tip that will save your face a lot of problems, and also keep you stylish to boot!

While the “kind of scruffy” 2 days worth of facial hair growth style is mostly dead now, if your gal likes it, here is a way for you to keep your hair at mostly the same length all the time, without having to buy some strange beard trimmer or such.

The trick to all of the above is corn starch. When lightly powdered over a dry face, corn starch removes excess oils from the face and hair. It works amazingly well. It also makes shaving extremely easy.

How easy?

You don’t even need shaving cream.

Powder your lower face with corn starch, then rinse of with water, dry well. Repeat if you feel like you need to (just to be sure). Now, taking your Gillette Mach 3[1], preferably Mach 3 Power, and lightly shave your face,  just skimming over top of your hairs.  You should not be pushing down or even touching your skin.

Rinse out your razor often, and shake it dry before resuming shaving.

If you want a smooth shave, simply dust with corn starch, rinse off, then shave as normal.  Your hair will come off a lot easier and with less irritation.

No matter which style you want, (clean shaven or rugged), corn starch is an excellent way to help reduce the irritation from shaving.

Extra Note: Don’t ask me how I know this, except that I made a stupid bet/promise.  But if you are insistent upon sugaring (a form of natural waxing that hurts a lot less) your face, do the corn starch thing first.  If you don’t, it will hurt badly and no hair will come off.  Maybe I’ll write a separate article on sugaring later if need be, but it is not really related to acne, and as stated, the only reason I know is that I made a stupid promise and ended up with a seriously sore face (after which I found out about the corn starch thing…)
[1] You do have at least a Gillette Mach 3 don’t you? If you are using cheap disposable razors to shave, STOP RIGHT NOW. If you use a cheap razor you do not know how nice a good razor is, and the second you use a good razor, you will never want to go back to cheap single use disposables again! I know that the newer razors cost more, but…. Trust me, they are worth it. With a good razor I can shave with almost no skin irritation.

October 20, 2006

The ultimate work productivity enhancer!

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Want to seem like you are ALWAYS up on reading your email? Want to impress people and get that read receipt back to them within seconds of your receiving their message?

Create the following filter in outlook:

Apply this rule after the message arrives
where my name is in the To or Cc box
mark it as read

Your perceived productivity will skyrocket!

(Note: I am NOT suggesting that anybody actually do this! For one thing, everyone will wonder why you have read all of their messages and not responded to any of them…)

October 6, 2006

On Love and Understanding

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I chose to fall in love.

I had spent years learning to control my emotions.  No angry, no great sadness, stoic, centered in the world.  Able to observe, and influence so well.  I feel sad and sort of empty remembering that time, I cannot explain what it is like to have that sort of…. control.

The one thing control did not give me was motivation.  Motivation to succeed, motivation to move forward.

I saw that I was going no where.

To who I was then, love was an economic choice.  Hard to say, but true.  Love would enable me to reach a higher potential; I have not gone as high yet as I hope for, but still I strive.

I knew, that by letting free the base primitive emotions that I had fought so hard to control, I would be able to use the instincts born in to me by nature to fulfill a greater purpose, to aim for higher goals.

By giving up control, I gained something.  A switch in my mind, flipped by my hand, told me to fall in love.  To let free motions long held in reign.

Rarely I regret it, when I realize how dangerous of a game I play, when my anger rages out of control, when my emotions run free and visions of hate and violence dance freely in my head.

But without letting loose, I could never achieve what I have today.  I would not be in this chair, in this office(cubical…).  I would not be respected by those around me for my intelligence and working spirit.

Still, love has not completely given me control over my mind’s tendency to stray wayward from its goals, but greatly reduced by many orders of magnitude have such tendencies become.

Odd, be it that your situation differs so greatly from mine in the gender roles employed.  I lament that the one I love is not capable of complete sacrifice of body for love of another, that she does not sway the thought of I as I sway at the thought of her.  Her definition of love can be broken up, still maintains its economic basis, yet such was the agreement I knowingly bound myself to when I promised my love to her, fully informed by her as it was.

(On advising to a friend on what to do given her lovers lack of ability to know the emotion of love) What I advise is such:  Send the one you love to meditate for durations lasting of at least an hour a day, every day.  If such length cannot be maintained, mayhap instead half an hour a day for 7 days a week.  While such a habit is most easily acquired during the months of the summer, for then is it most pleasant to be out amongst the gardens and the sky, reflecting on what splendor nature has created for us, much can be found to occupy a mind during all seasons of the year.

The goal of such an activity would be for the one whom you love to acquire a greater understanding  of who he is and how he relates to the world.  To come to grips with emotions, past experiences, and to further develop his introspective abilities.  I highly recommend that he initially attend a workshop of some sort that will give him the basic tools of the mind necessary to complete such a journey with ease, for there is no sense in him roughly traversing the simple pathways that have been traversed many times before.

No, this is not nonsensical new age balderdash.  The mind itself works on principles which we have barely discovered.  Yet our mind, our very intelligence, is what makes us alive, what lends personality, behavior, curiosity, emotion, and understanding.  The bodies we possess are easily augmented, improved.  From simple tools to cars to prosthetics, our bodies are merely controlled by our consciousness through some process which we do not understand as yet but a very small fraction of.

Just as we, mankind, have gained control over our surroundings in the physical, I believe that  that we must also gain a control over our intellectual capabilities.

The first step to gaining control in a new environment is to fully understand what resources are available to be utilized.  Walk into an office to start a new job, upon being shown your desk, is not the first question you ask: “Where may I find a pen?” (or some similar variant there of).  Assessing ones environs and gaining both control and understanding of them is critical to success.  Tis not a needed task, for verily many do work years ignorant of the systems around them, but for those who wish success in life, such ignorance is known to be unwise.

Yet, how few have attempted such control over their own mind?  To explore the resources therein shall lie a great many surprise.  Much of what you take for granted in life, and this I promise you, need not be as it is.  Pain need not be felt in all but the most dramatic of circumstances.  Sweat need not flow but when it is of the utmost importance.  Adrenaline may run through your veins when ever you will it to be so.

We are our minds.  Understand who you are.

If the one you love can achieve even a fraction of such level of control, then it will be a matter of simplicity for him to understand what love is.

I could, in but a few short words, describe love to you.  Lay bare all of its most fundamental secrets.  Gaining such understanding of any emotion was once a simple matter for me, and I have carefully maintained in my mind the knowledge I previously fought so hard to discover.

But, dear lady, I have too much heart now.  Better that some things left unsaid, for though you likely have an understanding of the true meaning of love, that understanding, though lip service is given quite readily and easily, to ponder it at length, or to see it exposed in such bluntness as I would subject it to, is not something I would do to you.

Why YOU should get Trivex in your next pair of glasses

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Imagine there is this material floating in front of your eyes.

It is almost perfectly clear, 98% or more so. No color distortion, beautiful clarity, and its sole job is to correct your vision.

Oh, did I mention? The material is stronger than polycarbonate. Almost unbreakable.

That material is Trivex. Made by these fine people right here.

Really, I don’t know much about them. Maybe they eat kittens? Once again, I do not know. What I do know about them is that they make one excellent material for eye wear.

You may be asking yourself right now: Why didn’t my optometrist recommend Trivex to me last time I got new lens?

Well, the answer is that there is an actual polycarbonate industry (I know, an industry for cheesy $20 lens…) and they lobby heavily to keep the price of Trivex up, and the availability and knowledge about it low.

If you need to get new lens or glasses soon, or just want to experience a HUGE difference in clarity of vision, get Trivex. Pay for Trivex. They will cost you around $70-$90 more than Polycarbonate (maybe less if your current eye glass shop is ripping you off for polycarb lens…). You will have to shop around to find them and to find them at a good price.

It is worth it.

If you happen to live near Kirkland I highly suggest you visit Dr. Kerry Atkins and his amazing staff, you can find their website here.

September 25, 2006

Treating Your Acne Part 4: Proactive Solution

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This is the part that sounds like a sales pitch. I used to have white heads going down my back before I started Proactiv, at present, I have 3 white heads on my face. From hundreds to three, the numbers alone speak for the efficiency of the product.

Proactiv treats all three sources of acne. It exfoliates (a fancy word that means “removes top layer of dead skin”) your skin, moisturizes it (this sounds odd, but wait!) kills the bacteria, and shrinks pores.

Proactiv has three steps:

  1. The first step is a beaded face wash that exfoliates your skin and has a strong benzoyl peroxide base to it, helping to ensuring that any bacteria that are exposed during this initial scrub are killed before they can spread to neighboring pores.
  2. The second step hydrates your skin. Don’t ask me what this means, I just know that it has witch hazel in it, and while witch hazel has a tendency to dry out skin, it is also a very nifty chemical overall in its many uses. It is applied with a cotton pad (cotton balls are a good way to waste your Proactiv and get a very clean cotton pads and not much second step on your face!)
  3. The third step contains a weaker (than the first step) dose of benzoyl peroxide, and moisturizing agents that help keep your face from producing excessive oils (as discussed previously). The third step also helps to reduce pore size (The larger the pores, the easier they get infected with acne and the worse the white heads) and to make your skin nice and smooth. It also lightens the color of acne scars, helping to blend them in with the rest of your face.

Proactiv gets insulted a lot, but I’ll tell you something, I have tried other cheaper products that say they work just as well as Proactiv: They don’t.

For the record, in contrast to what Proactiv’s latest adverts say, it does take awhile before it starts working. They used to admit this, and I think that it hurts their business reputation to claim instant results. Your first month (or two!) may involve a huge break out, but continued regular usage, twice a day every day will result in your acne improving. Mine is rather cyclic, it gets a lot better, than a little bit worse. It has been that way for over three years now, but as I said, I am down to just three whiteheads during a break out, compared to having hundreds on my face and back continuously.

September 22, 2006

Medicine should be available to all

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This story demonstrates why science needs to be available to all.

I don’t approve of sex outside of marriage, but I have little problem with it in terms of an ongoging monogomous relationship. I *really* have problems when people are denied medical treatment!

I believe in use of science and technology to further the human species. I want bionic limbs some day, what happened to that poor woman is NOT a good way to start off. Humans have gained control of their environment, now we struggle to gain control of our own bodies, yet there are those so foolish as to oppose such goals.

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