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November 8, 2006

Shaving without the irritation: Corn Starch

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Here is an excellent tip that will save your face a lot of problems, and also keep you stylish to boot!

While the “kind of scruffy” 2 days worth of facial hair growth style is mostly dead now, if your gal likes it, here is a way for you to keep your hair at mostly the same length all the time, without having to buy some strange beard trimmer or such.

The trick to all of the above is corn starch. When lightly powdered over a dry face, corn starch removes excess oils from the face and hair. It works amazingly well. It also makes shaving extremely easy.

How easy?

You don’t even need shaving cream.

Powder your lower face with corn starch, then rinse of with water, dry well. Repeat if you feel like you need to (just to be sure). Now, taking your Gillette Mach 3[1], preferably Mach 3 Power, and lightly shave your face,  just skimming over top of your hairs.  You should not be pushing down or even touching your skin.

Rinse out your razor often, and shake it dry before resuming shaving.

If you want a smooth shave, simply dust with corn starch, rinse off, then shave as normal.  Your hair will come off a lot easier and with less irritation.

No matter which style you want, (clean shaven or rugged), corn starch is an excellent way to help reduce the irritation from shaving.

Extra Note: Don’t ask me how I know this, except that I made a stupid bet/promise.  But if you are insistent upon sugaring (a form of natural waxing that hurts a lot less) your face, do the corn starch thing first.  If you don’t, it will hurt badly and no hair will come off.  Maybe I’ll write a separate article on sugaring later if need be, but it is not really related to acne, and as stated, the only reason I know is that I made a stupid promise and ended up with a seriously sore face (after which I found out about the corn starch thing…)
[1] You do have at least a Gillette Mach 3 don’t you? If you are using cheap disposable razors to shave, STOP RIGHT NOW. If you use a cheap razor you do not know how nice a good razor is, and the second you use a good razor, you will never want to go back to cheap single use disposables again! I know that the newer razors cost more, but…. Trust me, they are worth it. With a good razor I can shave with almost no skin irritation.

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