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October 6, 2006

Why YOU should get Trivex in your next pair of glasses

Filed under: health, Life in general — Devlin Bentley @ 8:07 am

Imagine there is this material floating in front of your eyes.

It is almost perfectly clear, 98% or more so. No color distortion, beautiful clarity, and its sole job is to correct your vision.

Oh, did I mention? The material is stronger than polycarbonate. Almost unbreakable.

That material is Trivex. Made by these fine people right here.

Really, I don’t know much about them. Maybe they eat kittens? Once again, I do not know. What I do know about them is that they make one excellent material for eye wear.

You may be asking yourself right now: Why didn’t my optometrist recommend Trivex to me last time I got new lens?

Well, the answer is that there is an actual polycarbonate industry (I know, an industry for cheesy $20 lens…) and they lobby heavily to keep the price of Trivex up, and the availability and knowledge about it low.

If you need to get new lens or glasses soon, or just want to experience a HUGE difference in clarity of vision, get Trivex. Pay for Trivex. They will cost you around $70-$90 more than Polycarbonate (maybe less if your current eye glass shop is ripping you off for polycarb lens…). You will have to shop around to find them and to find them at a good price.

It is worth it.

If you happen to live near Kirkland I highly suggest you visit Dr. Kerry Atkins and his amazing staff, you can find their website here.


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