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September 25, 2006

The wide screen LCD ripoff

Filed under: Hardware Review, technology — Devlin Bentley @ 1:33 pm

Do you know that when you buy a wide screen monitor you are being ripped off?

Previously Dell’s D600 line shipped with an LCD screen that had a resolution of 1400×1050, for a total pixel count of 1,470,000 pixels.

Dell’s new “wide screen D620” laptop ships with a screen that is 1440×900. That is only 1,296,000 pixels.

Do you want to know how wide screen LCDs are made? Let me tell you.

They take a regular 4:3 (the height to width ratio, same as your standard TV set) LCD, and then they chop off the top and bottom parts of it. Well not literally, they just make the screen smaller to begin with.

Oh but here is the beautiful part! They then charge you extra for your new and improved smaller screen!

Wide screens suck. Go to a store some time and compare a wide screen to a regular screen side by side (may be hard to do…) if you do even a casual comparison between screens of the same “size” in inches, you will find that the wide screen model is smaller. It also likely costs more.

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