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September 25, 2006

Safeco: Employees? Important? Why?

Filed under: technology, Work — Devlin Bentley @ 1:26 pm

So Rosia gets a new laptop from Safeco so she can be a more mobile employee.

They give her one of their “good” machines.

It is a Thinkpad T23.  AKA about a 5 year old machine.

Pentium 3, 1.1Ghz!   512MB of ram (originally shipped with 256…)  running Windows 2000.

I do not mean to insult the Pentium 3, which has been upgraded and re-branded as the  Pentium M and is now the Core Duo, aka Intel’s Last Great Hope, and all of which are amazingly efficient and well performing processors.

Nor would I want to insult Windows 2000, which is a lovely OS that demonstrated that Microsoft can make a real OS, but unfortunately was horribly disfigured to create that monstrosity known as Windows XP.

No, what I am upset at is that a company can be so ignorant as to give its developers 5 year old machines.  Rosia tells me that some of the other Thinkpads there are even slower, and are so loaded down with crud that opening a single email in Outlook can take well over a minute.

If that isn’t a productivity killer, I don’t know what is.  Imagine spending an entire hour just clicking through your email each morning.  Not actually reading any of it, not responding to any o it, but an hour just clicking one by one through them.

In contrast, I also received a Laptop from my employer.  In my case, Boeing.  I got Boeing’s lowest end laptop, a Dell D600 with a mere 1.4 Ghz Pentium M processor and only a gigabyte of RAM.

Oh woe is me.    This is Boeing’s lowest end machine, and they are slowly being phased out of service.  Their highest end machine is a dual CPU monstrosity that has hundreds of gigabytes of HD space, a 512MB video card, and weighs over 9 pounds.

Actually I am kind of thankful that I did not recieve that machine!

For reference, Boeing uses Dell as their primary computer supplier (mostly it seems because Boeing can boss Dell around and has all sorts of cool custom configuration things going on), and most of Dell’s laptops are rather meh.  Well I say this coming from last years internship working with the Windows Tablet PC team…. Working with the shiniest newest laptops every day raised the bar for what it takes to impress me now.

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