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June 29, 2006 makes a person 10x less interesting

Filed under: Life in general — Devlin Bentley @ 9:22 am

At the Intern meet and greet there was this cute girl from Western, so I go and acquire some info about her online.

She ends up being 1/10th as interesting now.

Anybody who calls them self an “evil genius” but lists “body surfing” amongst their favorite hobbies does not know what an “evil genius” truly is.

A real evil genius would surf on top of bodies.

Oh that and she lists “The DaVinci Code” as her favorite book, and all new popular movies under her favorite movies category.

Ick!  Read something besides what pop culture tells you to folks, though I should be thankful that people read at all anymore.  😦

Her other favorite activities are washing her car and driving around in her car listening to music.

Anyone who has a myspace page is instantly 10x less interesting than someone who has a real blog.  Why? shows that a person focuses more on the social aspects than on actual usefulness, value, or presentation of information. pages are horribly designed, down right ugly, violate every rule about web page design that have ever been written, and the entire site is basically the reincarnation of geocities.

Compare any page to a real blog.  Such as this one, picked completely at random

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